Postal Contacts

Manager, Consumer & Industry

Laureen Alt

Serves as a liaison between customer and field operations to investigate and resolve customer service issues, complaints, inquiries and suggestions in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve customer service.

Provides information from the Postal Service to customers on Postal policy and procedures.

Provides critical link between Business Service Network customers and Postal operations to build strong relationships by providing excellent service, communications and information.

Business Service Network

Mark Mccracken

Provides service support to Managed Accounts of the U.S. Postal Service through a nationwide network. The Business Service Network (BSN) is the link between customers and Postal operations.

Manager, Marketing

Jane Rahenkamp

Responsible for all aspects of customer and industry relations and mailing concerns such as Retail Sales and Services, Business Mail Entry, Mailing Requirements, Mailing Standards, Business Development, Business Service Network, and Consumer and Industry Contact.

Manager, Business Mail Entry

Donna Harmon 

Responsible for all aspects of mail acceptance, mailing programs, account balances and mail exceptions.

Supervisors, Business Mail Entry

Pam Keller
Robert Scheidler

Lamont Williams

Mailing Standards Specialist

Patty Lilja

Oversees programs related to mailing standards and associated procedures in support of business mail acceptance, providing technical assistance to customers and Postal employees within a designated area and provides second-level Merlin review.

Mailing Requirements

412-359-7601 or 412-359-7602
412-359-7603 or 412-359-7608

Accepts and verifies customer discounted mailings;

Provides balances for permit accounts, assists mailers with requirements for mail preparation;

General information on rates and fees; instruction on mail preparation; permit imprint and business reply permits ZIPS: 150-168, 260

Mailpiece Design Analyst

All requests for artwork or review of a mailpiece regarding mailablity should be directed to:


Our Mailpiece Design Analysts (MDAs) will have all current information and regulations to ensure your mailpiece(s) can be processed efficiently through our automated systems.